Sinkhole Repair Services in Delray Beach

Sinkhole Repair Services in Delray BeachThe foundation problems you have in your Delray Beach home can destroy the value of your house and can compromise your house’s safety. Whenever you need foundation repair, rely on Delray Beach Foundation Repair’s in-house team of structural engineers as well as foundation repair experts. Whenever you hire us, you will be assured of receiving superior sinkhole foundation repair services in a timely fashion. At Delray Beach Foundation Repair, we offer reliable foundation repair services so it can be the stable foundation of your home instead of the frequent source of trouble.

Sinkholes can be repaired differently depending on the size, location, and characteristics of the property where they have emerged. After utility lines have been mapped out in advance and an excavation plan has been determined, the area is assessed and a course of action is determined. As they continue to excavate until they come to a solid surface, or meet the prescribed depth as outlined in the engineer’s report. It will depend on the engineer’s recommendations and the criteria used to locate the sinkhole whether and how the hole is to be filled with clean fill, rerouted to provide a more long-term solution, or either method used in combination. Depending on the nature and severity of the sinkhole, the entire repair process can last from a few days to several months. At Delray Beach Foundation Repair, we offer structural maintenance and improvement services like sinkhole repair and paving, seal coating, warehouse striping, etc.

How We Can Help!

In Delray Beach, Florida we are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for foundation repair. We provide a variety of services, which include:

  • Sinkhole Inspection
  • Compaction Grouting
  • Sinkhole Remediation
  • And More Repair Services!

Our sinkhole repair services are one of the most commonly performed in our region. Call us today for a free quote on any of our repair services.

Sinkhole Inspection

Any settlement of your property should be observed closely by an inspector for sinkholes in your yard. There is a difference between normal settling and sinkhole activity, both of which are risky. Radar systems use electrical resistivity tomography and resistivity tomography (RESTOM) electrical imaging to detect sinkholes. It may be fine if the inspector finds nothing wrong with the house since the foundations of all homes settle and shift over time for many reasons.

Compaction Grouting

By strengthening the soil through compaction grouting, the lower soil layers will become stronger. To achieve this, limited-access drills can be used to drill precisely to the appropriate depth. Through the use of a grout pump and steel casing, a thick cement mix is pumped under high pressure into the soil, compacting it as it soaks in.

Sinkhole Remediation

Severe damage can be caused by sinkholes. There are often large and dangerous voids beneath the surface, associated with those small voids. Sinkhole remediation should be entrusted to a professional with experience in sinkhole remediation when the surface starts to settle or a hole appears.

Don’t delay contacting us to schedule a free sinkhole repair or seawall repair estimate. In for a consultation, our contractors will consult with you on the options for your sinkhole repair services. We’re here to help, so give us a call at 561-423-1028 To find out more about the services we provide today.